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Contest period: 18/02 - 18/02


A rewarding alert for all the poker enthusiasts. Introducing a 3-month long Daily Cash Back bonanza starting from the 1st of January to the 31st of March 2019. Play maximum hands in poker cash games in order to mount up your VIP points and stand a chance to redeem up to 40% Cash Back Daily. Use OPT-IN Code "REWARDS" to make yourself eligible for Daily cash backs. This new year don't play just to win. Showcase your skills and bag maximum points to claim your Daily Cash Back.

Players need to use the code 'REWARDS' to opt-in. Every player will be eligible for this promotion only from the time the codes are used.
Steps to OPT-IN:
Login to your account —► Click My Account –► Then click on Deposit Now tab –► Click on Promotional Program –► Enter the Code.
Terms & Conditions
1.Only VIP Points generated in session which end before 5:29 AM will be considered for that day’s rewards.
2.Rewards will be paid out in cash chips & does not have any additional withdrawal criteria
3.Rewards will be auto credited to player accounts between 5:30 to 6:30 AM
4.Only players that opt-in using code “rewards” will be eligible for this promotion from the time they Opt-In
5.TDS will be applicable on cashouts as per government tax policy
6.This promotion will be valid from 1st Jan to 31st March 2019
7.After 1st Jan 2019 players will be unable to exchange VIP Points for BM, Cash or Tournament Buy-in
8.All Player levels will earn comp points at the same rate 1 VIP Point = INR 20 Rake
9.Players will only earn comp points from Poker Cash Games, VIP Points will no longer be rewarded for Tournaments, Open Face Chinese Poker, Windfall, Sit N Go & Rummy games.
10.The Company reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify any promotion/offer or any part thereof at its sole discretion at any time during its validity
11.Participation in a promotion shall be treated as unconditional acceptance by the participant to all the applicable terms and conditions mentioned herein.
12.The Company reserves the right to end any promotional offer at any time, without providing notice, reason or justification.
13. A player opted in once with the code “REWARDS”, will be a part of the Spartan Rewards Plus promotion till 31st March 2019.
14. The decision of the Company with respect to all aspects of a promotion shall be final and binding and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.
Examples for cash back:
Player earns 700 VIP Points in a day, he will get INR 3,500 cash back. (Calculation: 700 VIP points = 14,000 Rake; 14,000 X 25% = 3,500)
Players earns 20 VIP Points in a day, he gets 0 rake cash back.
Player earns 12,500 VIP Points in a day, he will get INR 75,000 cash back. (Calculation: 12,500 VIP points = 250,000 Rake; 250,000 X 30% = 75,000)

Player Place LBP Prizes
royalpoker 1 2,116 10,580 CHP
fishrag 2 1,665 8,325 CHP
Rabdasuar 3 1,009 5,045 CHP
Mein Kampf 4 955 4,775 CHP
StillDrawing 5 893 4,465 CHP
CrazyDan 6 811 4,055 CHP
Lastballsix 7 552 2,760 CHP
poker_shark 8 521 2,605 CHP
Ttalisman 9 508 2,540 CHP
jaggajasoos 10 497 2,485 CHP
Babybhua 11 379 1,895 CHP
dhavalpatel 12 333 1,665 CHP
kakes 13 315 1,575 CHP
ashhhh 14 311 1,555 CHP
27offsuit 15 302 1,510 CHP
rangeela 16 211 1,055 CHP
royalfloat 17 196 980 CHP
winner99 18 195 975 CHP
kidwithadream 19 183 915 CHP
anjdalrim 21 165 825 CHP
Sanathoi 22 157 785 CHP
BIGBANG5759 23 145 725 CHP
abhidread 24 134 670 CHP
Stone1994 25 132 660 CHP
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