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Win the battle and the war!


Poker is not just a game, it's mental warfare. And the best place to engage in this war is at the tables.

TheSpartanPoker presents a multi-stage tournament - Battlefield.  This exciting multi-day tournament spans across two days, that begins every Thursday and ends on Friday.

Are you seeking to re-live that Live tournament feel, where you get to accumulate your stack of chips to dominate the tables the next day? Well, look no more, because the battlefield is the place you've been looking for.

Engage in the first round of battle on Day 1A - Thursday 2 PM. The second round of the battle, Day 1B begins at 2 PM, every Friday. And the final round of the battle - Day 2, begins on Friday, 5:30 PM. Each player is given a similar stack of chips on the first day (Day 1A) of the battle. Players can then participate in the second day too (Day 1B) and take a cumulative stack to the final stage of the battle i.e. Day 2.

Get ready for a tussle like never before, because the battle may be tough but victory is definitely sweet at the Battlefield, with a fiery 3 Lakhs GTD on a meagre buy-in of just INR 1,100. So get those poker guns blazing, because the real battle is at the tables!

Terms & Conditions:-

1) Battlefield has a buy-in of INR 1,100 and a guaranteed prize pool of INR 3 lakhs.

2) Day 1A, 1B are time limited i.e. 25 levels x 7 minute levels = 175 minutes

3) Players are permitted to only buy-in on any of all days 1A, 1B. Player cannot buy-in directly into Day 2.

4) Re-Entry possible on same day (Day 1’s) until Late Registration

5) Only players who qualify for Day 2 will be eligible to a share of the INR 3 lakhs guaranteed prize pool.

6) Players can play day 1A, 1B. If they qualify on all days, they shall play as multiple entries (under their same username) on Day 2.

7) If players survive all starting days they will move on to Day 2 & they will play as individuals and if they get in the in the money, all qualifying entries are eligible for a prize

8) Players moving to Day 2 will continue with the same stack/s of their respective Day 1s. Tournament blinds on Day 2 will begin from where they ended on Day 1s i.e. Level 26.

9) In case of players having multiple entries, their individual stacks will be combined into a single stack at any point on Day 2 whenever stacks are assigned to the same table. At this point, the player will continue only with this combined single stack.