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VIP Tournament

Whether it's about skipping a long queue or getting access to limited-addition merchandise or flying business class instead of the economy, we all like to be treated like a VIP. Well, at The Spartan Poker we like to treat our loyal players like a VIP too. And what do we have in mind you ask? Well, it isn't business class tickets (although that would be great) but something that's even better and holds more value to you - a poker tournament.

TheSpartanPoker has now curated a VIP tournament that requires no buy-in. Yes, you are reading this right. No buy-in for this tournament that guarantees an exclusive 10K. That means you could be on your way to earn 10K with literally no investment. Well, how do you take participate in this tournament then? Well, the answer is simple - players who have amassed at least 50 VIP points are automatically eligible for this tournament.

If you're looking to receive this special VIP treatment, just make sure you have 50 VIP points to be eligible. Participate and compete in various cash games or tournaments at TheSpartanPoker to collect VIP points that will ensure your smooth entry to the VIP Tournament. The tournament is scheduled for everyday starting on 3rd June 8:00 PM, only at TheSpartanPoker.

So go on, gather your VIP points and experience the benefits of being a 'Very Important Player' at TheSpartanPoker.

Terms & Conditions:

1) 50 VIP points needed to be eligible for this tournament.

2) The VIP tournament is in No-Limit Hold’em format.

3) A player can enter into this tournament with 50 VIP points where the starting stack is 5,000 chips.

4) A player can rebuy and addon into this tournament with VIP points only.

5) A player can rebuy into this tournament with 50 VIP points for 5,000 chips till the rebuy period lasts at the end of the rebuy period an addon of 20,000 chips will be available for 50 VIP points.

6) The VIP Tournament is eligible for monthly leaderboard at The Spartan Poker.

7) In case of any dispute, The Spartan Poker will have the final binding decision.