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The Millionaire - 1CR GTD

The Millionaire - 1CR GTD

Month on month, one thing that a poker player looks forward to is a tournament that holds incredible value. Well, if you're in the hunt too - look no further, The Millionaire is the tournament you've been looking for.

An incredible guaranteed amount of INR 1,00,00,000 - well, don't go counting all those zeroes, we'll simplify it, a total 1 Crore up for grabs! Exciting, right?

The tournament is played on the second Sunday of the month, 11th February at 4:30 PM. With a Buy-in of just INR 5,500 this tournament provides incredible value for money to the players. The tournament features a re-entry format that allows players to re-buy and continue their mission to grab a share on the humongous prize pool.

Each player begins the tournament with a starting stack of 15,000 chips. If you're looking to secure a seat in the tournament without paying the buy-in, you can participate in the various satellite events available prior to the tournament. We could give you a million reasons to play this tournament but all you need is one - 1 Cr GTD!

So grab this opportunity to build your bankroll and register now for the biggest tournament of the month, The Millionaire. See you at the tables!

Check out the complete satellite schedule below:

The Millionaire Satellite Schedule

Terms and Conditions:

1) If you win a Millionaire satty, you will be directly added to the upcoming Millionaire tournament. If you then use a deposit or other promo, the ticket from such promotions will not be valid and cannot be used in the Millionaire.

2) You are welcome to participate in multiple sattys and be redeemed for those additional tickets achieved through sattys.

3) The Millionaire winner must provide their images, video, and interview for media bytes.

4) In case of any disputes, TheSpartanPoker's decision is final and binding.