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My Tournaments

Now, you would be very eager to participate in all types of tourneys that will hold for you. Freerolls, guarantee tourneys, prize winning tourneys, and many more. You want a handy reckoner that keeps you posted and updated about your favorite tourneys.
The 'My Tournaments' feature helps you keep a tab on all the tournaments that you have registered or are currently playing. has many tournaments running through the course of a single day. If you run deep in a tournament then you might have to play more than one tournament at the same time. Sometimes you might end up playing in 3 or 4 online poker tournaments at the same time and registered in several more. 'My Tournaments' is a simple yet important feature that allows you to get a brief overview of tournaments you are currently playing or registered into.
'My Tournaments' not only lists the tournaments that you are playing on, but also other important information like.

  1. Date – date of the tournament
  2. Name – name of the tournament
  3. Game – the type of game
  4. Buy-In-  the buy-in for tournament
  5. Plrs – total number of players registered for the tournament
  6. Status – status of the tournament; registering, running or complete My Tournaments Feature

  1. In the poker lobby, click on 'Options' tab.
  2. Select 'My Tournaments'.



  3. A new pop opens with all the information of the tournaments you have registered or are playing on.



  4. Click on 'Open Tournaments' to view tournament details.
  5. Click on 'Close' to cancel.