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My Tables

'My Tables' feature helps you during multi-tabling. Multi-tabling is this: some players prefer to play at more than one table at a time; some of them even play on 4-8 tables at the same time. 'My Tables' is a simple yet important feature that allows you to get a brief overview of the tables you are playing on.
“My Tables” not only lists the cash game tables that you are playing on, but also other important information like

  1. Game - the type of game you are currently playing
  2. Stakes – the stakes of the games you are currently playing
  3. Plrs – number of players playing with you at a particular cash game table
  4. Wait - number of players waiting to play on your cash game table
  5. Avg. Pot – Average pot per hand on the cash game table you are playing on
  6. P/F – players per flop gives the percentage of players that see the flop on your table
  7. H/hr – hands per hour gives the number of hands per hour being played on your table

With such a lot of information at your disposal – and remember: information is a WEAPON – you will be more confident in your game play, and get ready to outwit your opponent. My Tables Feature

  1. In the poker lobby, click on “Options” tab.
  2. Select 'My Tables'



  3. A new pop opens with all the information of the cash tables you are playing on.




  1. Click on 'Close' to cancel and on 'Open Tables' to go to a particular table.