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Add/Change Avatar

“Add/Change Avatar” feature in the poker lobby has been provided so you can add a part of your real life personality to your online poker account.

We believe that this lends a subtle social factor to the way you play online poker; and is a must, especially if you intend to have fun at the table with your poker buddies.

You can add/change avatar for several reasons. Like all our other features, you can make use of an avatar for fun or for your benefit. Avatar can also send a strong message to your opponent about the type of player you are or sometimes you can also deceive an opponent by conveying the wrong image about yourself.

Have fun experimenting with our avatars or upload your favorite avatar on the current list of avatars we have and start using it. Add/Change Avatar Feature

  1. Click on “Options” in the poker lobby.
  2. Select “More Options”.


  3. Add/Change Avatar pop up will open. To add avatar, click on “Add Avatar” icon.


  4. Upload an image from your local system and click “Set Avatar”.
  5. To change avatar, use the any of the displayed avatars and click on “Set Avatar”.