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Instant Bonus-PlayMax Edition

This festive season, relish on winning the bonus amount on every deposit you will make. This November, the popular promotion ‘Instant Bonus’ is back with a bang along with BigWin - Play Max edition. Avail upto 40% of bonus on every deposit you make between 1st – 15th Nov’18 only on The Spartan Poker. Initiate a minimum deposit Rs.1,000 to be eligible. So, hurry up this bonus is only valid for a few days. The more you deposit, the more the added bonus. Find below code details:

Recruit and Fighter —►  Use code 'INST10'  —► Get 10% Bonus

Warrior                    —►  Use code 'WAR20'  —► Get 20% Bonus

Gladiator                 —►  Use code 'GLAD30' —► Get 30% Bonus

The Elite                 —►  Use code 'ELITE40' —► Get 40% Bonus

The fun doesn't end here.  Use any of the above codes and get an auto opt-in for the BIGWIN – Playmax Edition

To deposit, click

Login using above link  —► Click My Account –► Then click on Deposit Now tab –► Enter Deposit amount –► Enter the Code.

Terms and Conditions:
1) The codes will be active from 1st to 15th Nov’18
2) If the player uses 'INST10', 'WAR20', 'GLAD30' or “ELITE40” codes, then he/she will be auto OPT-IN to the BigWin – PlayMax Edition promotion.
3) All bonuses will be paid in Bonus Money.
4) A player needs to generate 10% of VIP points of Bonus Money awarded. For Eg: player deposits Rs.10,000/- & gets 1000 Bonus Money, the player needs to generate 100 comp points to withdraw.
5) The promotion begins from 1st November at 5:30 AM and ends on 16th November at 5:30 AM. Any money deposited before the set timing will not be considered in the promotion.
6) In case of any dispute, The Spartan Poker will have the final binding decision.