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BigWin 2 - Bankroll Booster

This festive season, relish on winning the bonus amount on every deposit you will make. This November, the popular promotion ‘Instant Bonus – Play Max edition’ is back with a bang alongwith BigWin - Play Max edition. Avail upto 30% of bonus on every deposit you make between 1st – 7th Oct only on The Spartan Poker. Initiate a minimum deposit Rs.5,000 to be eligible. So, hurry up this bonus is only valid for a few days. The more you deposit, the more the added bonus. Find below code details:

   ♦  Deposit minimum 5K      —►  Use code 'PLUS10'   —► Get 10% Bonus

   ♦  Deposit minimum 50K    —►  Use code 'PLUS20'   —► Get 20% Bonus

   ♦  Deposit minimum 100K  —►  Use code 'PLUS30'   —► Get 30% Bonus

The fun doesn't end here.  Use any of the above codes and eligible yourself for the 2nd edition of cash festival ‘Big Win 2’ and win amazing prizes. 

To deposit, click

Login using above link  —► Click My Account –► Then click on Deposit Now tab –► Enter Deposit amount –► Enter the Code.

Terms and Conditions:

1) The codes will be active from 1st to 7th Oct.

2) If  the player uses 'PLUS10', 'PLUS20' or 'PLUS30' codes, then he/she will be auto OPT-IN to the BigWin-2 promotion.

3) All bonuses will be paid in Bonus Money.

4) A player needs to generate 10% of VIP points of Bonus Money awarded. For Eg: player deposits Rs.10,000/- & gets 1000 Bonus Money, the player needs to generate 100 comp points to withdraw.

5) In case of any dispute, The Spartan Poker will have the final binding decision.