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BigWin 4-Instant Bonus

Instant Poker Bonus
Mounting your bonus with maximum deposits, the much awaited BigWin 4 - Instant Bonus is back again with fancy bonus offerings of up to 50%. 
Starting from 1st December, this time the BigWin4 - Instant Bonus is a 10-day event, where players with a minimum deposit of INR 5000 can avail a 10% instant bonus, and a deposit of INR 5,00,000 can win a whopping bonus of 50%. 
So, stop calculating and start depositing maximum amounts to get your instant bonuses within these 10 days. Below code details:

    Deposit minimum 5K  -► Use Code 'PLUS10' -► Get 10% Bonus

    Deposit minimum 50K  -►Use code 'PLUS20' -► Get 20% Bonus

    Deposit minimum 100K -► Use code 'PLUS30'  -► Get 30% Bonus

   ♦ Deposit minimum 250K -► Use code 'PLUS40'  -► Get 40% Bonus

   ♦ Deposit minimum 500K -► Use code 'PLUS50'  -► Get 50% Bonus

To deposit, click
Login using above link  —► Click My Account –► Then click on Deposit Now tab –► Enter Deposit amount –► Enter the Code.

Terms and Conditions:
1) All bonuses will be paid in Bonus Money.
2) A player needs to generate 10% of VIP points of Bonus Money awarded. For Eg: player deposits Rs.10,000/- & gets 1000 Bonus Money, the player needs to generate 100 comp points to withdraw.
3) These codes can be used multiple times.
4) In case of any dispute, The Spartan Poker will have the final binding decision.