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Seven Card Stud Overview

Seven-card stud is the most popular version of stud poker. Two to eight people can play this game. Each player is dealt a total of seven cards, and a player who made the best five-card combination using these seven cards becomes a winner.

Unlike in Texas Hold'em or Omaha, Seven-card stud is played only with bet limits. In Seven-card stud, there are no Pot Limit and No Limit games.

General features of stud poker:

  • All dealt cards are individual, that means there are no common cards
  • Some cards are dealt face up, some cards (minimum one) are dealt face down and only a player can see it
  • Every player must bet Ante before the hand begins (there are no Blinds in stud)

We offer you two variants of this game - Seven-card stud  (also called Seven-card stud High) and  Seven-card stud High -Low .

The Rules of the Game

Basic Rules

  • In 7-Card Stud, you are dealt 2 down cards (hole cards) and 1 up card to start with.
  • If you stay in all the way, you will end up with 3 down cards and 4 up cards (your last card will be dealt down, as were your first two cards).
  • The idea is to use your 3 hole cards and your 4 up cards to make the best poker hand that you can make.
  • You may use any 5 of the 7 cards that you have in order to make your poker hand.
  • Most stud games you will play are structured, with betting limits.
  • The first 2 rounds of betting would be at the lower amount and the last 3 betting rounds would be at the higher amount. 
  • All players will put up an ANTE before the cards are dealt.
  • Those that choose not to ANTE, will be dealt out.
  • All players will then be dealt 2 down cards and 1 up card.
  • The low card (face up) will be required to start the betting. The lowest card is the 2 of clubs, and if more than one player has the same low card, the lowest is determined by alphabetically (2c, 2d, 2h, 2s).
  • Players may fold, call the bet or raise the bet.
  • At this point, all bets and raises will be at the same amount.
  • You must decide, based on how well you like your first 3 cards, whether to stay in the pot or get out.
  • You will have 3 choices at this point – (1) call the opening bet, (2) raise the bet, (3) fold your hand.
  • If you decide to stay in, you will get another up card, the high card will then start the action and there will be another round of betting at the same limit.
  • If you are still in at this point, you will get another up card and all bets and raises will be made at twice the starting limit.  (Note:  from this point on, all bets and raises will be made at this higher limit).
  • The last and final card will then be dealt down, followed by a 1 last round of betting.
  • After all the betting has been made, the players will turn over their cards and the best hand will be awarded the pot.
  • If you run out of money during the play of any hand, you still get to stay in the pot for the remainder of the hand and get action on the money that you did bet.