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The Avatars of Poker

The Avatars of Poker

Different rules, the same objective – to rake in the money!

A game that unites new people and can cause divides in the best of friends, a game that makes our pulse higher. Poker - a game we all love to play. But, most people only know the classic format. Here, The Spartan Poker educates you of the different ways in which our favourite game can be played.

Texas Hold ‘Em
The most popular form of poker in the world is Texas Hold 'Em. Each player is dealt two hole cards, face down and five, face-up, community cards are placed on the table. The first three community cards are called the flop, the fourth is called the turn and the fifth is the river.

This format is the next most popular, and instead of being dealt two cards, the player gets four. You get to choose your best hand by choosing any two cards to play along with three of the community cards. This gives you a better chance of taking home the pot!

Seven-Card Stud
In this interesting format, a player is dealt two cards – however, one is kept face-up and the other face-down. With each card dealt there is a round of betting, with the 4th, 5th and 6th card dealt face up and the final card dealt face-down. As with the classic Hold ‘Em, the aim is to end up with the best five-card hand.

Irish Poker
Gaining popularity all over the world, Irish Poker begins with players being dealt four cards. Once the flop is dealt, they must discard two cards and play the remainder of the hand like a regular Texas Hold ‘Em hand.

So, the next time your friends come over for poker night, impress and educate them about the new formats of poker. But, never forget the classics and always play to win on The Spartan Poker.