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Spartan Rewards Plus: Entering 2019 With Cash backs!

The Spartan Poker is always known for coming up with new and exciting avenues for poker enthusiasts that not just allows them to showcase their skills, but at the same time, win enticing cash-backs and rewards. Yet again, The Spartan poker enters the new year on an extravagant note by introducing a unique cash promotion, i.e., the Spartan Rewards Plus. This three-month-long promotion from 1st January to 31st March 2019 is all about celebrating the spirit of playing poker, as it focuses on offering maximum cash backs by mounting up your VIP points.

Spartan Rewards Plus is Here With Its Cash backs Special

The Spartan Rewards Plus is all about getting yourself registered to multiple cash games and bagging maximum VIP points to redeem cash backs of up to 40%. For instance, if you manage to earn 700 VIP points in a day, you can avail a cash back of INR 3,500. Doing the math on this one, 700 VIP points = 14,000 Rake, so 14,000 X 25% = INR 3,500. As a poker player, all you need to do is make your deposit to any of the tournaments or cash games on the platform by using the OPT-IN Code “REWARDS”, and make yourself eligible for the cash backs.

Don’t forget, in this cash promotion, you can avail up to 40% cash backs but that clearly depends on your VIP points. So hustle hard, play the maximum possible hands, fill your kitty with VIP points and redeem cash backs to make money out of this wonderful game.