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Online Poker Versus Live Poker

Playing poker is about the adrenaline rush, knowing your opponent’s ticks and tricks, making sure your skills are undetectable. Poker is the ultimate stimulation for your mind. It brings out the risk-taker in you.

While playing-poker is all about reading your opponent’s body language and making the right moves all along with online poker, you can be the jack of all trades and a master of all.

Keep those pockets full

You don’t need a large sum to start the game. You can save money by choosing your table and start with an amount that suits you. Sounds like a relief, right? Like we said, playing poker online is light on your pocket.

Be spoilt for choice

Yes, you can choose your table or how many ever tables you want and leave when you feel like. Imagine walking out while playing live, we bet you wouldn’t get out alive. If you feel it’s not working out, just walk away.

Easy does it

Wouldn’t you like it if everything was organised for you? Playing online is the easier option too, because you can keep track of where you’re headed. You can see chip counts, stack sizes and bet sizes.

Where you are

How about taking poker with you, wherever you go? You don’t have to walk into a casino to play poker anymore, with online poker you can take your table with you or play from the confines of your room.

It’s all in your mind

If you think poker mind games can only be played in the presence of another human being, you’d be surprised at how you can take your opponent down without him even knowing you’re taking notes. The fact that someone can’t read your face is actually a much bigger advantage for beginners.

Critics of online poker usually forget how beneficial it is to first-timers. Beginners should try their hands at online poker to learn and understand the game well.