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India's Favorite Poker Championship All Set for the 2019 Edition


When it comes to marquee poker tournaments held at a grand scale packed with the best minds at the table, few come close to the India Online Poker Championship, better known as IOPC amongst poker circles. While the prize of victory is elusive enough, what also makes the competition a hotly-contested affair are its affluent and luxurious prizes that make for the owner's pride and neighbour's envy.

Having made its debut in 2017, the IOPC grows from strength to strength with each season proving/turning out to be more successful and glamorous than its predecessor. With Spartan Poker playing host to tournaments and competitions on a monthly basis, audience engagement is at its absolute peak when the IOPC comes knocking. 

There promises to be no room for error at the poker table with only the brightest and luckiest minds thriving as IOPC January 2019 is all set to make the year a year of skills, with the motto of the campaign revolving around the theme of #skillit. The thought process involved here is to highlight your poker-playing prowess to the maximum. As a poker aficionado, having an ace up your sleeve and knowing how to up your game each time you pick your cards at the table sets you on the path to victory. Should you master such fine details between a loss and a win, nothing can stop you from going all the way to being the best and raking in those millions. 

With a GTD at a whopping INR 8.5CR, it comes as no surprise to hear that the IOPC Jan 2019 is (factually) the biggest poker tournament held till date. If you thought that was all, wait till you hear what's the biggest giveaway - a luxurious Skoda Octavia. 

This is all the motivation you need to seek to start the New Year on a grand note. Where else but the IPOC 2019 would you find yourself the chance to indulge in a heart-throbbing game of Poker. And lest you forget, stand the chance to win millions and drive home in grandeur and style made on four wheels. 

Staking claim to the biggest, the IOPC is also one of the best online tournaments in terms of its gifts and giveaways being high-end leading products in the market. At such a high-scale tournament that is organized in all its magnificence and glory, everyone is a winner who ends up taking something home. 

With all eyes on the prize, the leaderboard prizes this time around are estimated at a mammoth/monumental INR xx lakhs inclusive of the GTD. the precursor, the IOPC July 2018 had ended on a grand note churning out millionaires who took home with them huge sums of money and attractive giveaways.

So this new year, have a new year resolution that is new, innovative and full of the thrill you seek - making the most out of the IOPC Jan 2019.