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 Everyone gets to redeem something with The Spartan Rewards



Since its inception in 2014, The Spartan Poker has positioned itself to being the country’s leading digital gaming platform. A major player in the industry, the platform organizes marquee poker tournaments held at a grand scale with the biggest poker aficionados at the table. What’s more, the lure of their elegant and extravagant promos, gifts and prizes, which perfectly compliment their tournaments and series are tough to escape for participants.  

One such scheme that is the highlight of the poker giant is The Spartans Rewards Plus – a program that one can avail from the 1st of January up to the 31st of March. This scheme requires the participant to play maximum hands to generate certain amount of VIP Points against which they can redeem up to 40% Cash back. The player needs to use an OPT-IN Code "REWARDS" while depositing for any cash games to make themselves eligible for these cash backs. 

To give consumers a much better understanding, here is a visual representation of how the scheme will be implemented:


Min VIP Points

Max VIP Points

% of Cash Back














& More



Ensuring that everyone is given a level playing field, this scheme allows everybody to get a fair chance to win and take something home. This aligns in perfect tandem with the company’s motto for IOPC 2019 - #SkillIt. It has been designed to bring to the forefront, your poker-playing skills to its fullest potential. If your skills are fine-tuned and you know how to play your opponent as well as the hand that you have been dealt, there is nothing that can stop you from winning big and raking in the moolah.  

The Spartan Poker prides itself in presenting the most luxurious and glamorous products as take-aways in the market along with maintaining a sense of impartiality among all participants. Taking into account the best interests of the player, the scheme is no less than a win-win situation for them. With as much as a 40% cash back, apart from their winnings, they really have hit the jackpot and how!!!

As a one-of-a-kind program available in the poker industry, The Spartan Rewards Plus strives to bridge the gap between buy-in cash and winnings. Having set the bar via innovative tournaments and leagues, The Spartan Poker continues to lead from the front with initiatives like the IPC Awards, which celebrates the spirit of the sport and reward players for their commendable performances over the year.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to get on the bandwagon and start playing immediately. There’s not a moment to waste as you can start redeeming those Spartan rewards now and go home with a smile on your face.