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The World is your Table

The World Is Your Table

Exploring the best destinations worldwide to play Poker

Poker – a game that connects millions worldwide. While online poker lets you play no matter where you sit in the world, there’s something different about the raise you get from being in a city where everyone is raking it in.

Here are the best destinations, across the world, to play poker.

Las Vegas, Nevada.
With over 32 casinos, some claiming to be the ‘best in the world’, lining what is popularly known as ‘The Strip’ – Las Vegas is perhaps the most world-renowned poker destination in the world.

With buy-ins from as low as $2 to high-roller games where you could bet a lifetime’s savings, Las Vegas is the ultimate fantasy for every poker player.

Monte Carlo, Monaco
The ultimate destination for Europe’s baller crowd, Monte Carlo is covered with fancy cars, high-fashion boutiques and most importantly, the Monte Carlo Casino. Tax-free and governed as its own independent principality, Monaco is truly a great destination for poker lovers.


Macau, China
When you think of poker, China immediately pops to mind. Contributing as much as it has to the game and its history as any other country worldwide, perhaps its biggest contribution is the city of Macau – a veritable paradise for those who love high stakes.


Melbourne, Australia
Its hard not to think of the song ‘Down Under’ when someone says Australia. Perhaps, much harder however, is thinking of it as a poker destination. Melbourne, a city that is fast-paced and modern is catching onto the worldwide poker map.

A recommended destination is the Crown Casino, where 45 tables run around the clock and the stakes are always up for a raise.

Founded in 2014, The Spartan Poker has grown from strength to strength in the last four years. Today, it is among the leading host of poker tournaments online. Every player is free to create their own idea of a perfect table, but holds the game in the palm of their hand