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Spartan Super Series: Applauding the Victorious!

Spartan Super Series

Offering a battlefield for all poker enthusiasts to combat with their skills and tactics, The Spartan Poker recently hosted the exciting “Spartan Super Series” that was successful in getting tremendous applause and reviews from its players.

The tournament took place this December, from the 12th to 16th that witnessed some strong rivalry amongst the competitors, all in good faith of course. From offering a massive overall GTD of 3+ CR, to running several tempting offers during the tournament span, the Spartan Super Series did not leave any opportunity to live up to the hype it had created.

A Unique Combination of Rewards and Events!
For the very first time, the Spartan Super Series was clubbed with “The Millionaire” tournament, doubling the excitement, events and attractive rewards for the participants. The overall GTD of SSS - The Millionaire Tournament was a whopping Rs. 1 Cr, which was significantly the highlight of the entire event. 

Filled with several grand tournaments, such as the Super Highroller, Texas Highroller, etc., the Super Spartan Series was undoubtedly, the most happening and rewarding event in the history of the game.

Saluting the Triumphants!
The coveted title of the “The Millionaire” event was won by Mr. Vinod Megalmani (ID: Champ1234) who took away a prize money of Rs. 24 Lakhs, and the SSS Leaderboard was topped by Mr. Rajesh Kumar Shukla Id: macchi_fry, winning a handsome Rs. 2.5 lakh.

Whether it was winning the event or dominating the leaderboard, it was the fans and participants who have ultimately contributed immensely in making this event a humongous success!