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Inside the life of a poker star


The 1st thing that comes to our mind when we say Poker is that glamorous life with lavish rooms filled with drinks and women. This is the picture shown to us by the glamour world each time. This is an illusional world created in our heads. The real-life scenario requires more luck, a bit of professional gaming skill, hard work, and a lot of determination.

Usually, the lifestyle of a Poker player is what attracts the audience, making them choose the field as their profession. Playing a game to make money every day looks like a very chilled out job but in reality, it isn’t. It’s more like taking the risk on a daily basis. You don’t know when you can become the world’s most popular player and when the game will knock you down at once.

For starters, a new player would surf online sites and find the ideal one for himself that he thinks would make him win. Once he finds the right place, the cycle of waking up, doing the daily chores, playing poker all day and sleeping goes on. A dedicated poker player doesn’t really have a life outside the online gaming that he is involved in. His life revolves in and around the game and its fancy world that lets him survive each day.

What does a player do when he’s winning a lot of money? Play more Poker. And what does he do when he’s losing his game? Still play more Poker to repay for the losses occurred. The cycle doesn’t seem to end. It’s very important to find some time for yourself and invest some in the family. Saying that we don’t say that you should stop playing. What we actually mean here is that there has to be a schedule and a dedicated time for each activity that you do throughout the day.

To not make your life monotonous, it's wise to time each thing and consider playing poker as a 9-5 job. That leaves you extra ground for experimenting with your life, trying out that new restaurant that you wanted to, since a very long time, or pack your bags and visit that city you always fantasized about that has the best poker players. Meeting new players and learning new techniques from them is the best way to ace the skills and also the new way to deal with the local players.

When you start doing these things and practicing more, it will give you a different feel and the level of satisfaction that you get after you explore and learn new things, is something you wouldn’t probably get with any other mainline career. So step out and live the life you desire while you allow Poker to feed your bank account.